Today, mycelium is used as a biomaterial in many different ways: As packaging in industry; as acoustic panels; wall insulation; bricks in buildings; as a textile or as a raw material in designed objects such as furniture. The purpose of my research is to explore the ways to cultivate mycelium as a living building material. Going beyond the limitations of linear moulding techniques and to develop a method that guides mycelial growth computationally and helps designers to, as Richard Sennett says, always be a step ahead of the material. The first phase of my study involves experimentation by paying close attention to any factors that might cause a difference in the behaviour of mycelium, to understand its properties and nature. After having understood its behaviour in response to different factors, the research will continue by guiding the cultivation of mycelium. Design of an automated system or device that enables to reach the intended growth, by providing physical/digital control, will be the end product and the final phase of this investigation. Rethinking about architectural fabrication that focuses on revealing the potential of living organisms can demonstrate a new approach in material making processes and geometries.

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Architecture | Biodesign | Living Materials

 Newcastle upon Tyne

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