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Reimagining Architecture

for a Changing World


Farrell Centre, 2023



An exhibition offering compelling new visions for architecture in the face of the climate emergency.


The Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment (a joint initiative between Newcastle and Northumbria Universities) is creating ‘The Living Room’ – a soft, cosy, snug internal space with thick sculpted walls. The structure itself is grown from fungal mycelium, sawdust, and wool. This innovative technique uses organic, locally available waste materials and microbial processes to radically reduce the environmental impact of construction, while asking us to reconsider the relationship between the built and natural environments.

The Living Room is made from materials that are by-products from other industries. The wood and paper waste that acts as a food source for the mycelium as it grows was sourced from the North of England. Bringing textiles together with biotechnology enables waste from one industry to produce new materials for another, establishing a local circular system that could dramatically reduce the environmental impact of materials for the construction industry.

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