Critic by Birgul Colakoglu, I.T.U., 2016




The project aimed to produce a generative surface that consists of a single component. The initial geometry that formed the main component was Narcomedusae [a group of jellyfish]. Through the analysis and regeneration of the jellyfish geometry, a new pattern arose. Although the new form seemed organic and to grow naturally, it was controlled and shaped by artificial rules.


There were four layers of arcs, formed within 30° angle slices, creating the outer circles. There were two layers of arches, formed within 45° angle slice, shaping the inner circles. The combination of 6 rings, from the same centre point, composed the Nature Inspired Pattern component. This arrangement was manipulated with Delaunay Triangulation generating a surface.

 © 2019 by Dilan Ozkan 

Architecture | Biodesign | Living Materials

 Newcastle upon Tyne

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