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I am an interdisciplinary architectural researcher with expertise in digital fabrication, architectural theory, and adaptive and biological materials. My goal is to push the boundaries of traditional architectural production by exploring novel material-making processes. Inspired by the intriguing aesthetics of living organisms, I pursued a Master's degree in Architectural Design at Pratt Institute in New York. Currently, I am a PhD student at Newcastle University and a researcher at Northumbria University,  within the Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment (HBBE). In my research, I delve into non-linear materials, with a particular focus on working with fungi and bacterial cellulose. As part of my collaborative efforts, I have established a Mycology for Architecture study group to foster interdisciplinary exchange and knowledge-sharing on fungi-related topics.


2018-2024   PhD Newcastle University, UK

2013-2014    Ms.Arch Pratt Institute, USA

2005-2011    B.Arch Istanbul Technical University, Turkey


2024-now    Senior Researcher at Northumbria University, UK

2019-now      Founder of Mycology for Architecture

2018-2024    Researcher at Newcastle University, UK

2022                Researcher at Lancaster University, UK

2015-2018     Researcher at Batman University, Turkey

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