I studied architecture at Istanbul Technical University and graduated in 2011. After graduation working as a professional in the practice of architecture, I found that my perception of architecture is more innovative or experimental than the firms’ I worked for. I always wanted to push the limits by bringing different approaches to architecture, by discovering new materials or by integrating other disciplines’ findings into architecture, that of anthropology and biology in particular. 


To pursue my goal, I started the MSArch program at Pratt Institute, in 2013, where I had a chance to examine the innovative ways of architecture, especially new methods of production that I have not experienced before. During my studies there, I discerned the aesthetics of organic and medical material with the occasion of Professor David Ruy and Ferda Kolatan. Abominable, grotesque appearances through landfills, treatment plants, cemeteries, contaminated locations, shortly, places that people reject to see or act blind on, was my point of interest. Although I really enjoyed working on strange aesthetics inspired by living organisms, the work was not beyond a generation of scenes/images. Subsequently, I wanted to move beyond by producing the living organism itself instead of copying the aesthetics, form or mechanism of it. To reach that goal I worked in Terrefom One since they were using living materials for their installations. 


Currently, to be able to work on growing entities more professionally with theoretical and computational descriptions I enrolled in the PhD program at Newcastle University. Within my research, I am investigating mycelium (the vegetative part of fungi) and adapt its divergent qualities to the field of architecture by demonstrating a material making principal.  Answering the question “Can we systematise the growth of a living material that has its own tendencies?” will form the scope of my investigation. For more information visit:


What is Mycotecture?

A collaborative that shares knowledge about fungi in all forms.

To exchange ideas, help each other, find individual collaborators, buildup a library of methods and projects

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