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Pratt Institute, 2014

Collaborated with Sharan Suresh and Matt Dennis, and  critic by Robert Cervellione


The proposed design is a multipurpose surface, which deals with the ideas of the human form, enclosure, as well as the filtration of light and air. The segmented aluminium panels have been strategically creased and cut to allow the manipulation of each individual panel; this designed flexibility provides the opportunity for fluctuation across all panels. The singular panel design, with its variation of openings, allows for desirable lighting conditions within the installation while simultaneously serving as an interactive vertical wall. The faceted wall reaches upward and outward to extend overhead and become both wall and ceiling-enclosure of the space. This panelized system was designed with the relaxed human form in mind; areas were created which encourage human relaxation, whether in the leaned or seated position. These areas of the surface create a moment of pause for the patrons to slow and experience the space.

Users are the more apt to leisurely travel through and contemplate the material and spatial composition developed through the folds. Thus, the material becomes less of a surface and more usable experiential space. The location of the installation, being directly adjacent to the translucent glass panels of the gallery, lends itself to the utilization of the natural light, which pours in from above. The light is wielded in such a way that a sense of directionality is achieved, guiding the patron through the installation in a methodical fashion. The light filtration also enhances the experience of the “pause-points” of patron relaxation. By creating zones of greater light concentration and intensity contrasted with areas of deeper shadow, dimmer spaces will encourage slower movement and contemplation allowing the necessary time to experience the space.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 3.34.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.08.22 PM.png

Single module, plan and section

Overall placement

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